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Official Site For Information of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

Official Site For Information of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

Scientists in Belém Palace


The “Scientists in Belém Palace” Programme, which has already been held twice, is open to secondary schools across the country with the objective of deepening young people's interest in scientific activity.

With this initiative, the President of the Republic intends to underline the importance of policies to promote science, as a fundamental contribution to the sustainable development of contemporary societies.

This programme first took place between 24 October and 12 December 2017, with the participation of eight scientists: Alexandre Quintanilha, António Damásio, Carlota Simões, Elvira Fortunato, Luísa Schimdt, Maria Manuel Mota, Pedro Magalhães, and Sobrinho Simões.

The second edition, held from 8 January to 27 February 2019, was attended by nine scientists: Arlindo Oliveira, Carlos Fiolhais, Daniel Traça, Filipe Duarte Santos, Helena Carreiras, José Xavier, Miguel Bastos Araújo, Mónica Dias and Sobrinho Simões.

The Scientists at Belém Palace Programme was supported by the close collaboration of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture (Ciência Viva), the National Reading Plan and the School Library Network.

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